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The Famous James is one of the oldest British motorcycle marques, in fact one of the oldest world

wide. Originally established as The James Cycle Company Ltd, whose founder Harry James set up business in the 1880s in Birmingham, the heart of British industry. Initially making a Penny Farthing, followed by an array of popular bicycles, the company progressed swiftly and by 1902 the first James motorcycle was born.


Numerous models followed, from economical small capacity two-strokes to a range of four-strokes that included the beautiful V-Twins, all aimed at the discerning customer. James also participated in the war effort, producing the ML (Military Lightweight) for the British Army.


James was a well-respected brand, pushing innovation with its Comet, Cadet, Captain, Colonel, Commodore, Cavalier, Cotswold and Super Swift models. Sadly by the mid-1960s burgeoning competition from overseas led to the company’s demise.


However, we are pleased to announce "The James” is making a return and currently being designed in Great Britain. Do watch this space and be one of the first to acquire something truly unique that will be made in limited numbers of different capacities.

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